Two Popular Anambra Comedians Ogbuefi I Go Tuk and SP Onye Obodo Fight Dirty on Social Media as Legal Battle Looms

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Ogbuefi Igotuk is gearing up to take legal action against Unku SP (Onye Obodo) following a damaging post made by Onye Obodo on social media. In the post, Onye Obodo alleges that there are women who have given birth to Ogbuefi’s children, insisting that Ogbuefi should disclose information about his wife and the undisclosed paternity cases. The post was made in response to Ogbuefi questioning why Onye Obodo had stopped discussing Zion Ministry on his page.

In a retaliatory response to Onye Obodo’s claims, Ogbuefi, also known as i go tuk, issued a stern warning. He stated that while Onye Obodo was free to say whatever he wanted, if the claims were untrue and defamatory, Onye Obodo would have to prove them in a court of law. Ogbuefi made it clear that he preferred to handle the matter legally rather than engage in social media drama.

Let us watch as this drama unfolds, we will keep you informed.

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