The Vice Chancellor is Destroying The University Cries ASUU Chairman Anambra State University

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The Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Chapter Prof. Aniebo has alleged that the Vice Chancellor of the University is taking steps which are gradually destroying the fundamental aspects of the University.

He stated this in a exclusive interview where he spoke extensively on the ills going on in the administration of the University which is headed by the Vice Chancellor.


He alleged that the Vice Chancellor has been interfering with the activities of the union with the formation of a parallel union which is called progressive ASUU where his deputy vice chancellor who is not supposed to be an active member of ASUU according to the union law which excludes principal officers of the University are not meant to be active members.

He further alleged that the Vice Chancellor is breaking the laws setting up the University, sitting example with the election of deans of various faculties which is supposed to be by election, that the Vice Chancellor broke the law by appointing deans and other various positions which are supposed to be by election.

He further talked about the glaring lack of freedom in the University environment, lecturers are being gaged, the security which is supposed to protect the lives of student and staff of the University are now used to threaten them

The ASUU Chairman has made a cry to both the Governor and Governor Elect of the state that their existence in the University is under serious threat and should be looked into as they have substantial evidence to back up this accusations leveled against the vice chancellor Prof. Greg Nwakoby.

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