The Rainy Season and The State of Roads in Nnewi

by Admin

Yesterday our Team got a rather not good video of how some major roads in Nnewi look like whenever there is heavy down pour, people are almost swimming on the road who are full of potholes and drainage system almost non existent.

Owing from the fact that this is a commercial hub in Anambra State and contributes heavily to the State’s IGR, Nnewi should be getting some level of preferential Treatment when it comes to provision of infrastructure which aids commercial activities and increases the ease of doing business in the town as well as Ontisha Metropolis but this treatment is near absent.

The above video is from the road which passes in front of Saint Mary’s Anglican Cathedral Uruagu Nnewi which is one out of the numerous which are in this kind of state, A town with such commercial value does not have a single dualized road and this is one out of the numerous basic social amenities that the town is lacking.

The incoming administration in Anambra should focus on providing the basic amenities in our commercial centres which makes a place business friendly as this will in turn have a direct impact on the economy of the state because more businesses will be attracted and will grow the IGR of the state as time has passed when a state like Anambra will continue depending on the allocation from the federal government for the state to run.


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