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By Paul Nwosu

Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR, stated at the burial of former Anambra State Governor Chukwuemeka Ezeife that the great man fondly called Okwadike lived a life of service. Mr. Governor did not mince words in stressing that the essence of Ezeife was that he left behind a government based on merit. Meritocracy was what Ezeife lived for.

According to Governor Soludo, Ezeife was a stickler for the law and due process. He stated that the Ezeife the world had come to bury would not have allowed the printing of brochure for his burial which breached the Anambra State burial law. Governor Soludo said he had recieved requests from some people in the past to grant them waivers in respect of the burial law, but the truth is that you don’t waive a law, you amend it. He said you can only waive rules but not a laws.

Calling Ezeife his brother and mentor, Soludo hailed Ezeife as Okwadike Igbo-Ukwu; Okwadike, Aguata; Okwadike Anambra; Okwadike Nigeria, and Okwadike of the world.

Soludo highlighted the fact that though Ezeife started out from a humble beginning, he forged ahead by conquering at the University College, Ibadan, at Harvard University in America, at Makarere University in Uganda and so on.

Mr. Governor enjoined all who had travelled from far and wide for the burial of Ezeife to insist on living out the kind of glorious life that the former governor lived. Soludo prayed that Anambra should be blessed with thousands of more Ezeifes.

Mr. Governor started out by thanking the Salvation Army Lt-Col who gave the sermon for pointing out that Ezeife led a life of purpose and a life in Christ. That was the Okwadike Governor Soludo knew.

Governor Soludo described Ezeife as the change he preached. And that Ezeife lived out the true meaning of what he preached and did when he was Permanent Secretary and the governor of Anambra State.

Soludo pointed out that Ezeife was a Governor for all who never cared where anybody came from. He employed people from the different states of Nigeria. It was Ezeife that employed people from Osun State and Abia State who have now been made Permanent Secretaries by him.

In all ramifications of what Ezeife did, he stood firm for all. He insisted in justice and equity. Ezeife insisted on inclusivity, and never cared about where anybody worshipped.

Soludo concluded that he is carrying the banner from where Ezeife left off.



Commissioner for Information

Anambra State

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