The Sorry State of Okpoko Primary School

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On the 26th of May 2021 A Non Governmental Organization Named Chidinma Ezeh Ugwu Care Foundation led by Mr Ifeanyi Martin Ogbaji paid a visit to Okpoko Primary School in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State and met an appalling environment used as a primary school facility, This NGO paid a visit with the aim of rendering help in improving the state of the learning environment for the primary school pupils but were met with a very big shock as they did not know that the level of decay in the school was that bad.

The above video show the bad condition of the learning environment and the administrative office, the entire environment lacked every essence of what a school environment should look like and a conducive environment fit for humans to stay.

This leaves you actually wondering if we have education authorities and a working educational system, Anambra State has a Ministry of Education and Anambra State Universal and Basic Education Board ( ASUBEB ) which is the board in charge of Primary Education in the State and this actually leaves you wondering what this two bodies do if a primary school in the state that prides itself as one of the top states in education in Nigeria.

One of the most heart breaking facts was what the Head Mistress of the school said, that she used her personal funds to finance perimeter fencing of the school to the level it is as seen in the picture above and is soliciting for help which must not be in cash, that concerned citizens can help take up projects on their own to lift the standard of the school.

The Big Question here is, why would our Government allow State of Schools to get to this level and not care to do anything about it despite this being brought to their attention and still post teachers to actually work in that kind of environment.


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