Sequel to our earlier report on the state of roads in Anambra,we met an admirable yet shocking effort by the men’s fellowship of living faith church (winner’s chapel) at the junction of Geogold Road by old inec road okpuno where they came out in numbers to help fill up pot holes that are at the junction which is a growing source of concern for users of the road as the size of the pothole keeps growing by the day.

When we talked with some of the men participating in this exercise,they are saying that their major reason for engaging in this is to bring some sort of relief to the users of the road whom have been having difficulties plying the road.

This big question here is,what is the short term plan of Anambra State Government about the condition of our roads knowing fully well that we will have more road users over the period of the Christmas Celebration and what is long term plan for bringing permanent solution to this growing problem.


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