Soludo’s Palliatives To Cushion The Effects Of The Present National Economic Challenges On Ndi Anambra Are A Step In The Right Direction

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*Soludo’s palliatives to cushion the effects of the present national economic challenges on Ndi Anambra are a step in the right direction*


By Izuchukwu Adichie


Soludo, a man of empathy has once again proven he has the interest of the Ndi Anambra at heart. Long before the present short-term effects of the federal government’s policy change on livelihoods, he had made some commendable arrangements that would give the state a fighting chance against the challenge. He had previously increased the salary of all the civil servants in the State by 10% since January 2023 and has started the cash crop revolution by distributing a total of 1.1 million coconut and oil palm seedlings to over 100,000 families. It is worth noting that he has employed 5,000 teachers and over 300 medical personnel, tax-exempt for the petty traders with capital less than #100,000, and over 340km of road construction across all governments and training and empowering our youth.


Soludo’s recent comprehensive response to the present national economic challenges has again given his governance a human face. Through the state social register, rice would be distributed to 300,000 households, okada drivers have been exempted from tax, and approved a 20% reduction in IGR payments for all other transporters. He is committed to creating an environment in which our pregnant women can have access to antenatal and safe delivery free, the elderly feel safer with quality health services. Because he cares for our people, including the unemployed, underemployed, and poorest of the poor, he wants everyone to amicably live, and prosper as his government has outlined plans to create the preferred agricultural and food security that everyone desires.


The announcement which included a non-taxable cash award of N12,000 monthly from September to December 2023 for all pensioners and public servants, will have tuition fees remain free for basic levels(primary to junior secondary) in public schools. Equally, the roadmap has canvassed for start-ups, cooperatives, and small and medium and multi enterprises to remain efficient and productive through adequate grants and human-face loan funding. While Soludo’s administration will continue to collaborate with the federal government to maximize benefits from the national palliative, state staff buses are being renovated. The introduction of CNG-fueled buses will therefore play a crucial role, those in riverine areas are not left unattended to, inclusive of their transportation and the state’s combat ready for impending flooding with resettlement plans. Security of life and property remains the priority

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