Soludo’s Media Aide Responds To Cubana Chief Priest On His Statement On The Choice Of Location The Burial Ceremony Of Flavour’s Father

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*Adichie Replies Cubana Chief Priest: Flavor Hasn’t Built a House in Umunze, Reason He Opted to Bury His Father in Enugu, Not Issues of Insecurity*


Cubana Chief Priest revealed in an interview that he moved his business from Owerri, Imo state to Lagos and Flavor Nabania held the reception of his late father’s burial in Enugu because of the insecurity in the Southeast. Interestingly, he was in Enugu this past Saturday where Nigerian high-life singer, Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour N’abania, held a burial reception for his late father, Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli, after the burial of his corpse in Umunze, Anambra state.

Those who seek to rewrite history should answer a few straightforward questions: If insecurity was the concern in the Southeast, why choose Enugu for the burial reception? Enugu, a state in the Northeast or South West Nigeria? When Flavor buried his late father in Umunze, were there issues of insecurity, and was it not successful? If it’s truly about insecurity, why are investors not withdrawing their businesses from the southeast, and why are they instead flocking to and expanding in the region?

The situation with Flavor holding the reception for his late father’s burial in Enugu is a clear instance of someone not investing in their community. He was born and brought up in Enugu, where he has chosen as a home over his native homeland, Umunze where he has not built a suitable home befitting of his personality, and those around him should not use insecurity as an excuse for him to host an event in Enugu instead of Umunze, his home.

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