Soludo’s 365 days In Government; Obasanjo Recommends Him For National And International Responsibilities

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Soludo’s 365 Days In Government; Obasanjo Recommends Soludo for National and International Responsibilities.


Ike Madugba

Yesterday was another eventful day in Anambra as Governor Soludo pulled together the crème of Anambra and Nigeria’s politics in a town hall meeting where he gave account of his activities in the first anniversary of his administration.

The event which was disrupted in a manner suggestive of premeditated breaking of protocol, incensed the sensibilities of many guests in the hall who accused the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, of breach and total disregard for constituted authority.

Feelers from the event have described President Olusegun Obasanjo’s recommendation about Governor Soludo being a better material for National and International assignment in the presence of Mr. Obi as a subtle and witty vote of no confidence on Obi’s untoward entry behaviour.

According to one of the MDs of a leading financial institution who was present at the town hall (names withheld), “it is expected that a former Governor, and Presidential aspirant would show greater decorum and understanding of protocol at such occasion where the entire Nation was gathered under one roof”. Those who know President Obasanjo are already attesting to his traditional style of not taking prisoners or hiding his feelings to such unethical act of brigandage.

The action of Mr Obi yesterday has continued to generate reactions from reputable Ndi Anambra, a VVIP at the occasion recounts that Mr Peter Obi is repeating the mistakes of his predecessor — Dr Chris Ngige — who mismanaged his popularity at the time using same to breach protocols at strategic events where his crowd of supporters would begin to scream “Onwaaaa” upon sighting him. Ngige then attended events late just to steal the spotlight and disrupt occasions. This marked the beginning of his diminishing amongst serious minded individuals. Obi is on a similar wavecrest, and the trajectory is already showing same ends.

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