Soludo Sacks Contractor Handling Niger Street Fegge Onitsha Over Negligence Of Duty

by Admin

Information reaching us has it that Governor Soludo has Terminated the contract of Niger Street Fegge Onitsha being handled by TEC Engineering Nigeria Limited for negligence of duty and not keeping to contract time frame.

In a video the visibly angry governor said this at an unscheduled visit to the contract site, in his statement he said that the contractor only mobilized to the site because they got a tip off that he the Governor was coming around.

The announcement of this termination caused jubilation by the crowd present as the way the contract is being handled has brought them hardship, the governor also announced that a new contractor that will handle the road construction will be announced soon, he also instructed the construction company to start processing refund of whatever the government has paid to them as mobilization.

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