Soludo Imposes #100,000 Levy On Burial and Wedding Banners And Posters

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Anambra state governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, Wednesday, imposed a sum of N100,000 as taxation for display of ceremonial banners like burial and weddings across the State.

The governor also imposed N5,000 as taxation for pasting of posters in any part of the State, adding that whoever fails to remove the advertorials within the stipulated time for their removals would be taxed continuously until they adhered to the rule.

The tax rates were contained in a viral letter addressed to the National President, Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) and signed by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Anambra State Signage and Advertisment Agency, Mr Tony Odili Ujubuon͂u.

The letter entitled, regulation of ceremonial adverts, explained that the agency would work in partnership with ASATU to recover the taxes as source of internally generated revenue and to curb menace of ‘non-commercial adverts’ in the state.

The Letter Reads as follows;


Anambra State Association Of Town Unions (Asatu)

Government House,







The Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency was created by Anambra State Government and signed into law on September 16th 2010, for the purpose of regulating the use of out-of-home structures, control outdoor structures to be used for signages and advertisements, issue licenses and permits for the construction and placement of outdoor structures in any part of the State, protect the environment from potential adverse impact from visual blights, restoring beauty to our environment and collecting appropriate revenues.


The Agency, in fulfillment of its statutory obligation, is not unmindful of the menace associated with non-commercial adverts that have literally occupied our out-of-home space. These adverts come in the form of obituary, religious, wedding and sundry flex, banners and posters. These materials tend to deface the environment and pose a threat to the aesthetics of our communities.


In line with Mr. Governor’s avowed aim of building a prosperous, livable and smart city state in Anambra, the Agency sees the need to regulate the use of these materials in manners that are decent and orderly.


Because this is a phenomenon that is associated with all the communities and villages in Anambra State, we hope to administer this process in partnership with the Town Unions.


It is our wish that the Town Union will take up the responsibility of informing the villages, hamlets, kindreds, churches and any such bodies within their towns that from the 1st of November, 2022, the Agency will begin the enforcement and collection of levies on all such posters and flex used for any of such ceremonies.


The tariff below serves as a guide to what is payable;






1 4 X 6FT 5,000.00 2 WEEKS


2 8 X 10FT 20,000.00 2 WEEKS




4 POSTERS 5,000.00 2 WEEKS


Note that Directional Signs leading to the venue which can come in 1x 2ft size will not be charged. It is also important to bear in mind that after the duration of this period, any such board that is left standing will attract a penalty in the sum of the amount initially paid. This penalty is paid weekly.


We have written to you because we have always regarded you as progress partners in the development of Anambra State.




Thank you in anticipation of your usual cooperation.



Yours faithfully


Tony Odili Ujubuon͂u



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