Rot In College Of Nursing Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, More Than Just Extortion of Students

by Admin

Following the news of the extortion of the final year nursing students of the college of Nursing Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital which led to the suspension of the principal of the college Mrs Aralu, there have been further revelation of other heinous crimes being perpetrated in the institution against the students.

A source who chose to remain anonymous revealed to us the crimes perpetrated by the principal of the college and her son who is a medical lab scientist who works with university teaching hospital which ranges from sex for grades to over charging them for hostel fees, it was also revealed to us that the management of the teaching hospital is complicit in this as the suspended principal retired officially 2 years ago but the management of the Institution has chosen to keep her for reasons best known to them, it is said in hush tones that the management are beneficiaries of the crimes that is why they have chosen to retain a retired staff and stagnate the promotion of other staff of the college.

Details of our new findings are contained in the chat screenshots attached below

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