Sequel to Federal Government stating that the resumption of schools in the country remains 18 of January,The government of Anambra State has released a schedule for resumption of schools which is in line with the date the Federal Government stated, this was contained in an official announcement issued out by the state Ministry of Education which was signed by the Honorable Commissioner Prof Mrs Kate Omenugha.

The Schedule states that management and staff of schools are to resume on the 18th of January while students would resume on the 1st of February, School management should use the 2 week gap in resumption to set up the school to be COVID 19 compliant, on resumption no student or staff would be allowed entry into the school premises without their facemask, boarders should also note that visitors would not be allowed to visit them and they should prepare accordingly.

All these measures are being put in place to curtail the spread of COVID 19 virus and at the same time continue normal activities in the state, schools who do not comply with these measures attracts the full weight of the law.

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