Out of School Children in Nigeria Hits 12 million as Anambra has the 4 Lowest

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The Federal Ministry Education recently released the statistics of the out of school children in Nigeria which stood at 12.3 million.

This is an increase as at the last time the statistics was released which was for 2020 and in stood at 6.9 million, This new figure is almost double of the last figure which is a huge decline in basic education in the country.

This statistics shows that the northern part of the country takes about 70 percent of this population with Bauchi State topping this list with 1.2 million children, kastina and Kano following closely with 873,633 and 837,479 respectively.

Ebonyi tops the list of states in the South East states with 151,000, Anambra State has the 4 lowest population with 92,332.

This figures goes a long way to show that our education in the system is seriously nosediving and will get worse if drastic steps are not taken to salvage this already bad situation.

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