Ọsọ Chuba Nwata: A Call to Safeguard The Anambra Dream

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Ọsọ Chuba Nwata: A Call to Safeguard The Anambra Dream
By Comr. Silas Ụmụnna
Ndị Igbo have been at the receiving end of a vastly unfair relationship with the rest of the country, and have always had to struggle twice as hard to rise to prominence in national politics. The specifics of this unfair and unequal treatment must have been going through Chief Chekwas Okorie’s mind on Monday 24th June, 2002 as he received the Certificate of Registration for a new party – the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) – the Igbo answer to the dominance of the “national” parties, and the culmination of the push for the growth and economic development of Ala Igbo.
While we have to admit that APGA’s influence has waned in Alaigbo due to machinations by the mega parties, we will also have to concede that the prominence of the party in Anambra State since 2003 has contributed to Anambra possessing a sense of stability and continuity that has seemed to elude the rest of Igbo land who have strayed from the Igbo-first mandate. While non-APGA states in Alaigbo have struggled to reconcile the agenda of their national parties with the interests of their Igbo citizens, APGA has had no such scruples, because at its core is an unconditional love of the Igbo nation, and the burning desire to help Alaigbo become the best it can be.
Following the debacle on 25th February 2023 where an illustrious son of Alaigbo and a political product of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), was unfairly frustrated by the powers that be in Nigeria, the time has come for ndị Anambra to turn their focus home and consolidate the good work that APGA has been doing in Anambra State through their participation in the March 11 House of Assembly elections in the state.
It is no secret that Mr. Governor, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo, has injected an unprecedented lease of life into Anambra State and set the state back on course to fulfill its humongous economic potential. In all sectors of the Anambra state economy, Mr. Governor has maintained an unshaken focus in maximizing Anambra State’s resources for the good of all Ndị Anambra. After a rocky start, Soludo has managed to greatly reduce the heightened insecurity that had been plaguing the state prior to his inauguration, giving Ndị Anambra the sense of security required to go about their businesses without fear. Since his accession as Governor in March 2022, the State Government has flagged off over 250 kilometers of road projects in the state, with many of these projects at different stages of completion. Anambra has become a huge construction site aiming to effectively connect all parts of the state in order to facilitate smooth commerce and movement. Governor Soludo has also showed a commitment to improving education in the state, with the renovation of primary and secondary schools across Anambra, the provision and installation of educational infrastructure in these
schools, as well as the employment of over 5000 primary school teachers to address the dearth of teachers in the state. Economically, Governor Soludo has brought to bear his CBN expertise through the harmonization of Anambra’s revenue generation and collection system, while also putting in place economic structures and incentives to maximize the potentials of Anambra’s biggest markets, especially Onitsha Main Market and Nkwo Nnewi. He has also been true to his promise of providing affordable housing to Ndi Anambra, with the signing of a Public Private Partnership Agreement with real estate organisations to develop residential estates at different parts of the State Capital Territory. Mr Governor has reenergized Local Government administration by appointing stellar Transition Chairmen while setting in motion the mechanics for the conduct of a proper Local Government election later this year – the first in about a decade.
So, why vote APGA on the March 11 State House of Assembly Elections?
A na-esi n’ụlọ mara mma pụọ ama. Beauty is first appreciated at home before going outside.
While we have noted the developmental strides made by Governor Soludo and the way Anambra State has been better for it, we also have to secure these strides by electing a State House of Assembly that will share Mr Governor’s sole desire for development of Anambra State, which is in tandem with the basic ideology of APGA as a party. Voting APGA lawmakers into the Anambra State House of Assembly will be our best chance to safeguard the good work Governor Soludo has been doing, and prevent attempts to scuttle it by parties controlled by those who do not have the good of Ndigbo at heart.
Anambra State, through the prominence of APGA remains the last bastion of Igbo resistance to anti-Igbo agenda. It is the last stronghold of the Igbo-first philosophy, and the best choice for the advancement of Ndigbo’s collective goals.
Should we hand that over to those who would sell out at the slightest pressure?
While it is good that Ndigbo are exploring the waters of national political prominence through other political movements, we also have to understand that a strong base is necessary if one is to wage political war on foreign ground. There is no political party better suited to safeguard this mandate at home other than the party brought to prominence by Alaigbo’s most distinguished son, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Eze Igbo Gburugburu 1.
There is a popular Igbo adage that “Ọsọ chuba nwata, ọ gbaga ikwu nne ya.” When a child is chased, he runs to his mother’s hut.
APGA represents the only party in Nigeria that takes us, Ndigbo, for who we are. We should not allow the sabotage of this last refuge for the Igbo dream in Anambra State.
Tinye aka ebe e sere ọkụkọ. Vote APGA for stability and economic growth.

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