Open Grazing and Cattle Movement by Land Continues in Anambra

by Admin

Anambra State has an Executive Order banning open grazing and movement of Cattle by Land, This has not stopped Headers in the state from practicing Open Grazing and moving of cattle by Land, The Governor of Anambra State reiterated this order in the expanded Committee meeting on cattle menace which he hosted in his home town in Aguleri on Monday.

The flouting of this order is seen as an Awka resident who choose to remain anonymous took a shot of movement of Cattle by Land on the Enugu Onitsha Expressway, Towards the Aroma Junction Flyover on Wednesday night.

A couple of days ago a young lady also narrated how she lost an entire investment in her farm to cattles that fed on her crops.

For how long will this continue before the Government swings into action or will the herders be left to continue disobeying Government orders and be allowed to go scot free?


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