Onitsha Metropolis and the Rising Rate of Jungle Justice

by Admin

Criminality and Robbery has put out its ugly head in Onitsha Metropolis and is ravaging the city and the people has resorted to going ugly with handling the perpetrators of these acts.

Over the past two weeks there have been at least 5 cases where criminals whom were apprehended for robbing individuals at gun point got the jungle justice treatment from the people who were around when they were apprehended.

Just today alone 2 different cases of jungle Justice had occurred in Onitsha Metropolis, one around Tarzan and the other at Upper Iweka Axis of the City.

According to the people they can’t bear the scourge of the continuos robbing and even killing of innocent citizens and the Security Agencies have failed in there duties to protect the lives and properties of the people which has forced them to resort to handling the matter the way it is being done at the moment and this will send a message to people who are intending to join this crime that they should detest from it.

The big question here is, as this form of justice is slowly creeping into our society, is it the best method to handle crime in our society???

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