Nnobi The Latest Site of Ravaging Gully Erosion in Anambra

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Anambra State is one of the gully erosion prone zones of Nigeria with sites that are very alarming and threatening to human existence.

Anambra has been home to poorly managed erosion sites over the past couple of years as steps are no taken when the erosion is in its early stage, the government tends to swing into action when the erosion becomes existence threatening examples are the ones in Ubahu Nanka, Oko, 100 foot road Nnewi, Obosi by Onitsha Owerri Road and a lot more.

The latest amongst these numerous erosion sites is the one in Ngo Village Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area, this erosion site as one of our reporters saw on ground has entirely cut of the road linking the Nkpor Umuoji Road and the the Nnobi Alor Road, we also gathered that this erosion is as old as 15 years and was in existence by the time the link load was constructed and the government did not see the need to take care of the erosion when it was still its early stages while constructing the road.

The government of Anambra State had to wait until the link road was entirely cut of and near by structures nearing collapse into the gully before they mobilize a contractor to the erosion site.

The question that the general public is asking is if the government of Anambra State has to wait until human existence is being heavily threatened by this ravaging natural disaster before steps that will put it in check will be taken.

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