Nkwo Umunze and The Urgent Need for Relocation

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Following the Protest by Traders of Nkwo Umunze in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra a couple of days ago over the moving of the market to a different location, Our team went on a fact finding mission to ascertain the need to move this market.

We found out that it was the will of the Anambra State Government to move the market to a different location due to certain reasons which bother on road traffic and accident and the bid for the market to have some sense of esthetics and be at par with what modern semi urban areas look like across the country.

This market usually has its pick on Nkwo Market Day when a lot of people are in the market because Nkwo is the traditional Umunze market day even though it is one of the 63 daily markets across Anambra State, people from with and outside of Umunze troop to the market in search of commodities which suit there needs especially farm produce which is sold from from the farm in quantity and averagely affordable price but the reality behind this is that the market is beginning to have population explosion so much so that road side traders have started encroaching into the major road in search of selling space, this singular act is like sitting on a keg of gun powder and it has caused a number of mishap as road accident has occurred a number of times because of this leading to loss of lives and properties, the image below shows a busy scene of the road side of this market

This danger prompted the government to start working on solution which lead to the need to move the market, the state government went into to partnership with a private developer by name Chief Ben Oranusi to develop a good market setting with the standard of what is obtainable in a semi urban area across the country with the market divided into section, internal roads present in the market a good car park for customers.

From the videos above taken by our team, it clearly show the level of development in the new market site and it has gotten to the stage where traders can start moving into the market stalls pending when the finishing touches are completed.

The Traders are stating reasons why the market shouldn’t be moved which bother on attachment as to how long they have been trading in that particular area but looking at it from a realistic point of view the market needs moving to avert the impending danger the encroachment into the major road by traders can cause.

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