Nigerian Army Officers Arrest Nollywood Actor Chinwetalu Agu

by Admin

Reports reaching us has it that men of the Nigeria Army on patrol around  upper iweka axis of onitsha have arrested veteran nollywood actor Chinwetalu Agu.

According to an eye witness he was arrested because he was dressed in an attire portraying the Biafran Flag, in the video it will be seen that he was badly manhandled by the officers as he was pushed and dragged and his vehicle abandoned as he was been taken away, they went further to shop sporadically in the air to scare people away while he was being bundle into their vehicle.

As seen in the amateur video how he was treated people may begin to wonder if adorning the Biafran colours as a dress code is an offence that deserves this kind of treatment from the military men and if we are actually going back to the dictatorship and a way of governance.

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