Modebe Avenue Inferno

by Admin

Last Night came with sad reports emanating from Modebe Avenue Onitsha at about 11pm in the Night had it that a huge fire incident has engulfed a filling station and a number of buildings preceding the popular New Hope Hospital on that same Modebe Avenue.

Distress call went out to all Anambra State Fire Service Station in Onitsha Metropolis but all came up with excuses as to why they can to come to rescue the incident, residents around the area resorted to self help as they used dirty water from the drainage in the area to try and arrest the situation.

Officers of the Fire Service arrived from Awka more than 2 hours after the incident began and were met by the furry of an angry mob but certain citizens intervened and pleaded with the mob to allow them do their job, when they were given the chance to work they could not arrest the situation with the 10,000 litres tanker they came with but were rescued by the water tank of Sacred Heart Parish located in the Area.

This incident isa very sad one but has opened the level of decay in the Anambra State Fire Service, an over haul of the entire system is needed as the level the service is at the moment they can barely arrest any fire incident in the State.

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