Management Of UNIZIK Orders Graduating Students To Pay Fine For Taking Pictures At The School Gate

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The management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK, has reportedly demanded graduating students to pay ₦20,000 each for allegedly “defacing” the school gate and taking pictures in front of it.

However, a source, speaking anonymously claims that the students are being wrongly accused, as no harm was done to the gate.

According to the source, this demand is merely a method of extorting money from the students for no valid reason.

The source, who disclosed that their younger sister is among the affected students, expressed frustration, stating that the students’ clearance for graduation has been indefinitely halted until they pay the demanded sum.

The source also highlighted that the situation is particularly unjust as the affected students are supposed to graduate on May 29, 2024, but are being prevented from doing so due to the alleged extortion.

In addition, a memo signed by the school management, directing students from specific departments; Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Applied Microbiology and Brewery, Applied Chemistry, English Language and Literary Studies, and Music to pay ₦20,000 each for “defacing the school gate.”

When contacted for comment, a university representative declined to speak on the matter, stating that she was not authorized to do so.

The source further expressed personal hardship, explaining that they do not have the money to pay, and that they had supported their sister’s education but are currently unable to afford the demanded amount.

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