Joint Task Force Of Nigerian Army and Navy Destroys Unknown Gunmen Camp In Aguluezechukwu

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A joint task force which is made up of officers of Nigeria Army and Navy yesterday invaded a camp of the unknown gunmen who have been terrorizing the Aguata/Orumba Axis of Anambra State.

This Camp is located in Aguluezechukwu in Aguata Local Government Area of the state, several arrests where made and a number of commodities where recovered, these include food items, cars that were snatched from individuals, this camp also houses a shrine which is said to be used to prepare charms and swear oath of secrecy by members of this crime syndicate, it was also seen that a bulldozer is used to block the entrance into the camp in order to shield it from attacks.

This joint task force was formed as a result of the state government’s effort to restore peace in the state and get rid of criminal elements who want to make the state unlivable.

It is perceived that members of this group of unknown gunmen are behind the attack on Aguata Local Government Headquarters and Nnewi South Local Government Headquarters.

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