Is Awka Gradually Becoming A Befitting State Capital?

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Awka the capital of Anambra State as a Capital has always been talked about that it is not yet a capital befitting of the level Anambra prides itself to be, successive governments have come and gone doing its part in trying to raise the overall appearance and level of development but it seems there is an intentionality about the capital by the present government of Prof. Charles Soludo about making Awka Capital Territory what a befitting capital should be with the number of project it is undertaking in the Capital at the moment.

The present Government is currently doing Okpuno roads which includes, Roban Stores Road, Millennium Industry/ Juhel Pharmaceutical Road, Nodu Market/ Saint John Hotel Road, Old INEC Road and Dualizing of Oby Okoli Avenue, the roads further progresses up to Isuaniocha which will fully open up that area of the Capital Territory which has already started developing.

The Amawbia And Awka Indigene Areas of the Capital Territory are not left Out as it has completed the Umuogbu roads which was being ignored since the creation of new Anambra State, this also has a flood control channel as this is a flood prone area in the Capital Territory, Amawbia Internal roads of up to 3km is also being done.

The Ifite Axis of Awka is not left out as it is getting a road from Amansea and getting an over pass to connect Aroma Axis and Amudo Axis of Ifite Road, this road also has a connection from Ifite to Alex Ekwueme Square passing in front of the new government house that is currently under construction, as we know that Anambra is the only state that the official residence of the Governor and his Office are in two separate places and in this case we have be operating temporaral governor’s lodge and government house since the creation of New Anambra State.

Urban water scheme in the state Capital is a forgotten thing as according to sources, it last worked in the year 2001 but today serious work is being done to get it back to start functioning again with the replacement of damaged pipes currently been done in areas which abinitio had the urban water connection.

Recreation is not left out as the government is currently constructing what is dubbed the biggest water park in the South East which will serve as a fun centre and place of relaxing to both visitors and inhabitants of the city.

The Awka mall which was a project abandoned on 2014 has started seeing life again as the construction has kicked again from where it was stopped in 2014, this will at completion and opening serve as an alternative to the already existing malls, it will also serve the dwellers of the emerging Awka Millennium City due to its proximity.

With all these currently ongoing, the big question here is “Is Anambra Finally Getting the capital it deserves? “


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