I’ll Terminate All Revenue Window Contracts on Morning of 17th March – Soludo

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Anambra governor-elect, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has vowed to terminate all revenue windows in the state on the morning of his swearing in.

Soludo who spoke to stakeholders of the state in Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area said he will use executive order to terminate theft of the state’s resources by revenue thieves.

He also knocked the state internally generated revenue boss, who he accused of distributing revenue windows to some people.
Soludo said:

“We learnt revenue windows are already being distributed. Is Nzekwu (State revenue boss) here? You people have started sharing windows (laughs), yes, you people are sharing windows.

“But, when you are sharing the windows, please be telling those you’re sharing them to that it stops on 16th March. Anyone you are giving window, tell them it will end on 16th March. Yes, whoever you are giving, endeavour to tell them. Because on 17th morning, I will sign an executive order cancelling all of them.”

Soludo said there are people who have for long been living off state funds, adding that surprisingly, such people will be the first to indict government for not building infrastructure.

The former Central Bank Governor said he will be coming into Anambra as governor to correct a lot of ills, saying that if the people were not ready to make things work, he will be happy to dust off his feet and join the bandwagon if those who want to go abroad on exile.

“They are people who are used to this (revenue theft), that is what they do, that is what they thrive on, and they have made their whole living off the state.

“But they will be the first to tell government to build roads, and blame government for all the potholes on our roads, but the little that should accrue to government, they collect it and put in their pockets.
“It can not work, we have to decide if we want this to continue.

If the decision is that we should continue with such illegal practice, we will quietly dust ourselves and join those who want to go on exile.
“But I’m sure we want things to work.

For the sake and benefits of our children and children’s children, very kobo of state fund must go into state coffers and be made to work for the people, and there is no question about it,” Soludo said.

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