Group Petitions Gov. Soludo, Speaker. …Demands Withdrawal of the Nomination of Mr CHIKODI ANARA As Commissioner Designate Of Awka North LGA

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A Commissioner nominee, Mr Chikodi Anara is in trouble as a group has rejected his nomination as the Commissioner for Homeland Affairs.

The group under the umbrella of Ezinator United Frontier in a petition to the Governor and Speaker of the State Assembly called on the Governor to withdraw the nomination alleging that Mr Anara has been involved in all manners of atrocities, ranging from land grabbing to many anti-social vices.

The petition made available to AIF Media and signed by the chairman, Comr Egwu Jonathan and secretary, Engr Ananwa Maduka levelled so many allegations against the commissioner nominee. The group said that it consulted with traditional rulers of Awka North and other stakeholders before coming forward to reject his nomination.

They therefore appealed to Prof. Soludo to reconsider and rescind the nomination of Mr Chikodi Anara, for it is not in the best interest of Awka North.

The Frontier equally appealed to the State Assembly not clear him during the screening which is expected to commence tomorrow, Tuesday April 05.

Below is the full Petition from Ezinator United Frontier;

H.E Mr Chukwuma Soludo
Governor, Government House,
Awka, Anambra State.

Your excellency,


We the members of Ezinator United Frontier write with dissatisfaction and in strong condemnation of the nomination of Mr Chikodi Anara from Amanuke in Àwka North as Commissioner nominee for Homeland Affairs, by your Excellency.

Your Excellency, we are aware of your intention to run a government of accountability that is just, and your thoroughness to ensure the credibility of those you intend to work with,but sadly and very disappointing to note is the fact that Mr Anara do not have a place in your government that has inspired many Awka-northerns in the last 8years.

In Àwka North, Mr Chikodi Anara has built a sore history of pitting one Community against another. He’s involved in all manners of atrocities, ranging from land grabbing to many anti-social vices.

No doubt, the people of Awka North sincerely appreciate Your Excellency for finding the Local Government worthy of having the exalted position, but we have looked at nominee and found Mr Anara completely unworthy.

The Ezinator United Frontier, as a progressive political pressure group with membership as once a male child in 3 villages in Mgbakwu Awka North LGA of Anambra state, with the total aims targeting the external encroachment on their lands, especially the recent attacks on our lands by Mr Chikodi Anara and his boys , we unanimously say anyone else but NOT Chikodi Anara.

Chikodi Anara is not and will never be the choice of the people. He has had his hands stained with many punishable atrocities.

After carefully examining the Commissioner’s List sent to the state House for confirmation and considering the consequences and danger it poses to our people if eventually Mr Anara becomes a commissioner, the shame he will bring to your government wil be enormous, on the above stated, we hereby present the following communique;

1. That he, Chikodi Anara under his watchful eyes as the Special Adviser to former Governor Willie Obiano, on security did absolutely nothing during the Isuaniocha land crisis that claimed many lives including the live of Mr Angus Okoye who was butchered without mercy along Isuaniocha -Enugu Agidi Road in August 2019, its was alleged that Mr Anara instigated the crisis by using the Government power to protect the evil perpetrators in Isuaniocha land since 2017 instead of Peaceful solution.

2. That he, Chikodi Anara also instigated the Achalla/Urum land crisis that was due largely to his greediness, he offered 120 plots of land to stand with Urum community and apportioned Achalla land for his family and friends.

3. That he, Chikodi Anara played God by unjustly wading into the Mgbakwu -Amanuke land tussle and claiming ownership to some part of the land, and some to his maternal home’s, then bazaarred the rest of our lands to his friends and families, including a traditional rulers of Isuochi Kingdom who illegally bought over 5000 plots of Ezinator Mgbakwu lands from Mr Anara, today nobody from Ezinator enters into that land because of the hired fighters from Aguleri with charms all over their bodies left with instructions to kill anyone who comes to harvest his/her agricultural produce on that land, so many Ezinator elders has died as result of this harassment & Intimidation, Late Mr Rowland Nnabuchi (98years) and Late Mr Richard Chiafuna (90years) were among those who died few days after they were released from police detection over this very land.

4. That, he Chikodi Anara turned the people of his town Amanuke community against themselves and spatting on the Traditional stool of the land, by imposing a pulpits of his as the traditional ruler of Amanuke community against their wish.

5. That, he Chikodi Anara source of wealth is questionable. Until he was made the Special Adviser to former Governor Willie Obiano, he has no office address or any known business to his name.

It is from the above substantive reasons that, having consulted with the traditional rulers, leaders of thought, Religious leaders, etc, we solemnly plead with His Excellency to reconsider and rescind the nomination of Mr Chikodi Anara, for it is not in the best interest of Awka North.

Cmr Egwu Jonathan
(Royal Properties Ltd)
Chairman, Ezinator United Frontier.

Engr Ananwa Maduka
(Atiku )
Secretary, Ezinator United Frontier.

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