Group Criticises Joe Ajero Warns Him To Leave Soludo Out of His Mouth

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Group Criticises Joe Ajero Warns Him To Leave Soludo Out of His Mouth

By Ukachukwu Cynthia

The Nnewi-based pressure group, Movement for Good Governance in Grassroots (MGGG), unequivocally warns NLC President Joe Ajero against pressuring Gov. Soludo, Chairman of the Minimum Wage Renegotiation sub-committee, to fulfill undisclosed agendas in the ongoing negotiations between NLC and the federal government. Ajero’s call for the Anambra state chapter union to initiate a statewide industrial action immediately after unsuccessful negotiations in Abuja is unwarranted and must be thoroughly investigated.

The group demands that security agencies investigate Ajero’s public statements and secret phone calls to the Anambra State chapter of the workers’ union. Through its spokesperson Clement Uba, the group asserts that it has observed covert actions by the political Nigeria Union leader, Joe Ajero, which have political undertones, despite Ajero’s ambition to contest the 2027 gubernatorial election in Imo State.

The Group aggressively warned Ajero to steer clear of the Anambra political arena to prevent further embarrassment by the people. They commended Gov. Soludo for his resolute leadership and dedication to improving the welfare of state workers. The Group also praised his human-centric governance for resolving the long-standing issues of the defunct Anambra State Water Corporation and ANSEPA, and for initiating the payment of their salaries, pensions, and gratuities.

Furthermore, the Group emphasized to the Anambra State NLC that the proposed strike is unnecessary at this point and urged them to maintain the existing cordial relationship. They stated that all outstanding issues are already being addressed by the state government.

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