Gistlover Blog Accuses Obiano Of Making Moves To Release Female Police Officer Indicted In Killing And Extortion Saga In Anambra

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Popular blog Gistlover who opened the can of worms on the crimes being carried out by a squad of Police officer in Anambra State which named CSP Patrick Agbazue, SP Princess Nwode and Inspector Harrison Akama as the key players has accused former Governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano of making high end moves to get SP Princess Nwode who has been said to be Obiano’s lover girl and money laundering conduit released from custody and set free after they were arrested and being currently investigated.

This was made known in a post via the blogs official Facebook page which reads as follows;

Since Obiano is trying to play dir*ty let’s roll in the mud together, you want to come to the rescue of your mistress and Lau*nderer, I promise you this won’t end well, maybe you need to ask questions before making moves, I won’t back down , if police free this matter from there EFCC go pick am up because it was her account you and your wife used in lau*ndering all the money during your EFCC ARREST.

It’s Obiano wife Princess works with directly, But one way or the other she found her way to Obiano’s bed and that one gave power and money to her in ANAMBRA, They used her to shift so much money during the time EFCC burst Obiano and him wife, she has properties all over Nigeria and US, this is one of her property in the US, as it is, angry Nigerians are surrounding the house incase the mother and kids wants to escape too, because she kept all her family on Houston Texas and k1*lling NIGERIANS in ANAMBRA and trafficking their or*gan, Dear @policeforceng please give us a detailed information of how a cop gathered all these local and foreign properties with just working as a police woman.

@officialefcc hold the governor and his Wife… She was the one who moved money and things for them with police Protection to outside neighboring countries
She changes car like no man’s business, DEAR NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE, DEAR OBIANO, take 🎤, START TALKING, THE WORLD IS WAITING!!!


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