Extortion In College Of Nursing NAUTH, Negative Reaction Trail The Reaction Of School Management

by Admin

Following the press release of the Management of College of Nursing of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital about the allegations of extortion of the students of the college, there have been a big backlash on social media especially from X( formerly Twitter) where the protest against the extortion originated from.

The major handle on X @Ogbajiifeanyi which started this protest against reacted to this press release saying that the management of the college know what to do if they actually investigate the matter

According to his tweet he asked pertinent question, who is the principal of the college, who is the welfare who sent the viral what’s app message, who is the course rep that his account is used to collect this money and can’t his statement of account be printed, why are students scared that they wouldn’t their final exams of they don’t pay the ₦70,000 as the last graduating set paid ₦35,000 before they graduated.

The management of the college should as a matter of urgency address these pertinent question and treat this matter accordingly.



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