Easter Celebration: Ifeanyi Aniagoh charges politicians to become Christlike

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The immediate past Director-General of Anambra State Digital Entrepreneurship Office who is the leading aspirant for Njikoka II State Constituency under the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA), Engr Ifeanyi Aniagoh, has joined the good of Njikoka II Constituency (Abagana, Abba and Nimo towns historically known as Umuowelle) in Anambra State, to celebrate the Easter Season.

Speaking to journalists at his hometown, Abagana, Engr Aniagoh urged the citizens to live the clear teachings of Christ through their thoughts, words and actions. He also charged politicians and his fellow aspirants to become Christ-like in order to receive the grace needed to play politics devoid of bitterness.

“I wish all aspirants, every politician and their supporters would seize this season to imbibe all the qualities exemplified by the life of Christ; that would make them focus on marketing themselves instead of engaging in rumour mongering, blackmail and name calling.

“I’m the most attacked and insulted of all the aspirants but I ignore all such pettiness and urge my team to overlook them and forgive the perpetrators. That’s childlikeness. Many a person do wonder why we do not attack back considering our Social Media influence.

“For example, I’ve been wrongly accused of defecting to another party; and most recently, people are being influenced to spread libelous falsehood and blackmail through WhatsApp voice notes and other social media platforms, against me.

“These are unfounded stories and total falsehood but in all, we remain calm, and focus on winning the party primaries and the main election ‘maka Oganiru Umuowelle’; the ability to turn deaf ears to those attacks is not by our power but by the Grace of God which you can only get when you live aright.

“The Easter Season offers us that rare opportunity to think back, make new resolutions and straighten our paths, so that we can be granted the desired Grace and allow the Essence of Easter to inspire greatness in our lives, in our Constituency and beyond.

“Then we would be best prepared to do our parts as we strive to win the 2023 elections in order to give the necessary support to Prof Chukwuma Soludo as he leads the onerous task in building a prosperous, safe and livable Anambra State for ourselves and for the unborn generations.

“As we celebrate in this Season of Love, may ever new strength arise in us, a new drive to live the clear teachings of Christ via our thoughts, words & actions; that we may find redemption and forgiveness of our sins!” he prayed.

Aniagoh is a seasoned administrator with over 11 years experience in government administration who rose from being Personal Assistant to the Local Government Chairman to becoming an Executive Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State. He later got promoted to Senior Special Assistant to the Governor before becoming the Director-General of Anambra State Digital Entrepreneurship Office.

According to his team, his selling points are; “Qualification/Quality, Capacity, Experience, Community Service, Human Capital Development, Youth Oriented, Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Accessibility, and Sacrifice & Contributions to his party, APGA. The ten unique attributes of his aspiration that can’t be matched by anyone in same race.”

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