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I am really tempted to just tag the above caption to the accompanying video, which of course is lucid enough in explaining the crux of Soludo’s exegesis on the subject. But, for the sake of my auditorily impaired audience, it would only be apt to provide some footnotes.

Soludo is a product of the miracle of sound education. Comparatively, his time was the era of equal quality assurance in education for all who were fortunate to find themselves in any formal school setting. Coming from a lowly background, Soludo’s thesis in the video is an empirical study borne out of personal experience.

It is his belief in sound, quality education that influenced his advocacy and practice of the *”adopt a school”* initiative. Amaoji Primary School, Isuofia, was his pilot and has become a huge success story in mopping up out-of-school children around Igboukwu, Isuofia and environs.

One of the surest ways to break free from endemic poverty, Soludo argues, is through functional education. One that improves the skill-set of the poor to become useful in the production process. There is a unique and industry relevant education system that Soludo promises in his projection to break the poverty dynasties in Anambra State.

This is beyond rhetorics. For a man renowned for his transformative leadership abilities, Ndi Anambra can rest assured that Soludo can.

For a Greater Anambra, Think SOLUDO!

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