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The much talked about international conference centre is at its roofing stage,our eye witness source gathered after a visit to the site,though the deadline for completion of this project has been missed multiple times,the administration of the state is poised to complete the project as it is one of the signature projects it wants to leave behind at the expiration of its tenure.

Work commenced at the site in December 2018 after the flag off the project by the Governor of the state with an estimated completion time of 12 months with elapsed in December 2019,That not withstanding it’s close to another 12 months and the project has not been completed,though moving slowly there is light at the end of the tunnel because the project has gotten to it’s roofing stage which means it is getting to its completion

Let us bring to your awareness certain details and positives of this project; According to Technicians working on the project,the edifice is 7000 square metres,it has seating capacity of 7000,it can take 5000 people on the ground floor and 2000 people on the first floor,this is as said by the project technicians as against the 10000 capacity being projected by some government officials,it has the capacity of accommodating 3500 cars .The government of the state has kept emphasizing on the ability the ICC has of adding to the IGR of the state,that when completed will move most high profile cooperate and social gatherings east of the niger to the state and inturn adding to the state economically.we hope that the project will be completed and the anticipated aim will come to fruition.

Below are pictures of the current state of work at the site

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