Attack on the Security Apparatus of Anambra; Recent Attack in Awka-Etiti and Ichida

by Admin

Security of lives and properties is fast becoming a luxury as the security architecture of the state has been heavily battered.

The serious quake in the core of the security of Anambra ranges from killing of Security Personnel who are on duty to attack of Security Outposts and stations.

The most recent of these is the disarming of members of the Anambra Vigilante Services in Ichida and Awka-Etiti respectively yesterday by Unknown Gunmen, This huge negative effects of these attacks on the security apparatus have not started showing its ugly head as light weapons that go missing from these attacks are beginning to slip into the wrong hands and the unknown gunmen heavily arming themselves more and the strength of the Security Agencies keep dropping which will eventually bring the citizenry to be living in constant fear of their lives.

The Security of this state is what should receive the highest level of attention from both the federal and state government jointly.


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