Anambra State Government Begins Palliative Work on Enugu Onitsha Expressway

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Anambra State Government has Begun Palliative Works On Failed Portions Of Amanesa End, Enugu/Onitsha Federal Highway.

This action according to the state government is a response to the suffering the state of this Federal Road is inflicting on Anambrarians, The State Government went further to say that it can only do palliative work on the Federal High Way as there is an executive order from the Federal Government stopping State Governments from embarking on reconstruction of Federal HighWays.

It went further to Debunk the Viral Video That A private individual had brought stones to the site but chased away by Federal Road Maintenance Agency FERMA, The said stones were brought by the state government to be used for the already kick started palliative work on the Federal High Way.

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