Anambra State Fire Service Quenches Fire Outbreak At Jezco Filing Station Amawbia Bypass

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Anambra State Fire Service Last Night at about 7:15 pm got a distress call of an emerging inferno at Jezco Filing Station Amawbia Bypass.

This call came in from the management of MRS Oil which is an adjourning station to Jezco Filing Station.

According to Sources the outbreak emerged from the discharge nozzle of the discharge pipe of a tanker, the fire service responded very quickly as this inferno was controlled from spreading, the initial effort from the effort put in by the management of the station before the fire service arrived acted as a big booster to arrest the situation.

The chief fire officer Engr. Martin Agbili was on ground at the scene,this is the 3rd Fire Outbreak happening in filing stations around the state in a space of 3 weeks with only only Jezco Filing Station being the only place the fire was controlled to a halt with out much damage and no human casualty from the incident, the station is also safe due to precautionary measures it put in place, we hope other stations learn from this.

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Zico Akunne December 25, 2021 - 7:52 am

Perfect reportage from Anambra Diaries as usual


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