Anambra Based Businessman Narrates How He Was Moved To Help A Sincere Bike Man

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A thread of tweets have gone viral about how an Anambra Based Businessman was moved to helping a commercial motorcycle rider because of the level of sincerity shown by the bike man by not absconding with the balance of the amount he paid for a ride.

According to the businessman he boarded a bike to a venue of a business meeting he had, on getting there, when he paid the bike man with a one thousand naira note, the bike man did not have the balance he was supposed to give to the businessman.

They had an agreement that the bike man will come back and pick him up from the place he drop him at a particular time, in the usual thinking of a typical Nigerian, his balance was gone.

To his greatest surprise, few minutes to the agreed time the bike man came back to come and pick him.

As he narrated in the tweets above, this act of sincerity by the bike man was a very rare thing to see and he was moved to providing the bike man with certain items that will help his bike riding business.

Truly there are still sincere Nigerians out on the streets.


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