Agulu Bans Masquerades In The Town Indefinitely

by Admin

Agulu People Union in Collaboration with Igwe in Council on 23rd of January 2022 released a statement that masquerades have been banned from displaying in the town.

According to the statement signed by The Igwe of Agulu Igwe Innocent Obodoako and The President of The Town Union Sir Onyebuchi Okpala, it stated the Masquerades (Akpala Mmonwu) has lost regards for the people as it canes people indiscriminately,obstruct cars and flog people who are even on moving motorcycle, the masquerades move around with Cutlass, dagger, short gun and axe that they harm people with.

This ban is effective from 24th January, the only masquerades exempted from this ban is Nnukwu Mmonwu and Ogwe Mmonwu, These masquerades and the people accompanying it are not allowed to move around with wiping stick.

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