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By Ejike Abana


The ongoing revolutionary governance in Anambra State of Nigeria under the dynamic leadership of Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has not gone unnoticed as “Daily Champions”, a notable Nigerian Newspaper identified and set him aside to be honoured as a notable achiever in infrastructure and rural development on Saturday, May 25, 2024.


Born in 1960, Soludo has a background in economics, and it’s clear from his approach to governance that he understands the importance of good infrastructure to the development of Anambra state.


It is therefore not unusual that Governor Soludo is leading the way as a champion, a fixer and a jinx breaker in terms of infrastructure and rural development in Nigeria. On assumption of office in 2022, he recognized the fact that there was dearth of infrastructure across the state and declared “a state of emergency” on infrastructure especially on roads, awarding road contracts to the tune of 450 kilometres, with over 247 kilometres completed (average of 10 kilometres monthly).


Working with his five pillars of development, including, security, law and order, infrastructure and economic transformation, human capital development and social agenda, governance and value system, Environment and Urban Regeneration, Soludo’s administration has always been focused on development, and infrastructure as an important component of this focus.


From major strategic roads and bridges, public buildings like schools and health facilities, to other infrastructures, Soludo’s record on infrastructure development is nothing short of impressive, though with very lean resources.


Many residents of the state have at various fora testified to have seen alot of changes over the years, but it wasn’t until Soludo became governor that they started seeing real development; translating into new roads, modern schools, and hospitals, and all kinds of other infrastructure projects that have changed the face of the state of Anambra.


Perhaps Soludo’s most significant achievement in infrastructural development has been the ongoing regeneration of Okpoko community with inhabitants that used to live in the most despicable manner. Today, road infrastructure, pipe-borne water, solar-powered street lights and other amenities are gradually springing up in not just Okpoko, but other parts of the state, which has brought a lot of investment and economic opportunities to the state.


Looking to the future, not resting on his oars, Governor Soludo has stated his intention to continue his focus on infrastructure and rural development, projecting it as a crucial aspect of his economic and social development plan for the state in building the widely sought after liveable and prosperous Anambra, where every citizen can enjoy the benefits of good infrastructure.


Governor Soludo’s legacy in infrastructural development will be forever remembered as one that has helped shape the landscape of Anambra state and its people. There are over 100 sterling achievements, but for want of space.


Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, truly is the best when it comes to infrastructural development; thanks to Champions Newspaper for recognising and singling out Governor Soludo in this regard.


Congratulations Mr. Governor.

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