This “July” is for Soludo

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This “July” is for Soludo


Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of closely working with Soludo. Two of those years were dedicated to engaging in political activities, while the remainder were focused on serving Ndi Anambra. Our bond continues to strengthen with each passing day. Soludo’s life is filled with impactful moments, inspiring people to create meaningful experiences for others. However, the month of July holds a special place in his heart.

July is not only his birth month but also the birth month of his beloved wife, Mrs Nonye Soludo. Additionally, Soludo will be in Lagos this weekend, where his second life in the world of banking is being revisited and reviewed, and his laudable achievements will be celebrated in a book, titled; “The Power of One Man” by Ray Echebiri, PhD. It has been twenty years since the groundbreaking banking consolidation, and the enduring legacy he established during that time continues to be revered on a global scale.

What distinguishes his achievement is that he accomplished it in just 18 months without any cost to Nigeria. Without the banking consolidation supervised by Soludo, mega-businesses as we know them today would not exist, and the economic landscape would be vastly different. Nigerian banks can now compete for large-scale business opportunities, a feat that was previously inconceivable.

Thanks to Soludo’s banking consolidation, businesses that previously struggled to secure a few hundred million dollars in funding are now able to secure investments amounting to $100 billion, including in sectors like aviation. The word “impossible” was transformed when Soludo took charge, and what’s remarkable is that Nigeria incurred zero expenses to achieve this transformative feat.

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