Soludo ‘father to all of us’ Anambra Caucus of the House of Representatives says

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*Soludo ‘father to all of us’ Anambra Caucus of the House of Representatives says*


Soludo continues to amaze us all. I often wonder where he gets his boundless energy from given his demanding schedule and commitment to inclusive governance and national economic development. It is incredible to think about how he manages to maintain his rigorous routine, including waking up early for morning mass at the lodge chaplain before diving into his day.

Last Friday marked another historic moment in Anambra state, thanks to none other than Soludo – the man of the hour. After returning from a 2-day trip to Abuja, where he participated in the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) emergency meeting and the subsequent National Economic Council (NEC) meeting with the Presidency, Soludo wasted no time in convening a groundbreaking “family meeting” with the Anambra Caucus of the House of Representatives. Notably, such a gathering had never taken place in Anambra under previous governors.

Before now, Soludo has actively engaged with the Anambra Caucus of the Nigerian Senate in Abuja. He has also conducted multiple legislative-executive training sessions with the members of the 8th Anambra legislatures. Soludo’s vision for the development of Anambra goes beyond political affiliations. He is focused on building a prosperous homeland with a clear emphasis on unity and collaboration across party lines.

The “family meeting” was a moment for Soludo to receive his deserving flowers from the Anambra Caucus of the House of Representatives who later expressed their acknowledgement of Soludo’s efforts in advancing various sectors of the state’s economy. They emphasized that his administration is committed to upholding an open-door policy for all individuals, regardless of their political, religious, gender, or ethnic background, to realize his vision for Anambra’s future. It’s now important for the national assembly caucus to actively pursue federal projects and support for their respective constituencies. The focus should shift from politics to prioritizing development and advancement. Soludo is the father of all ndi Anambra!

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