Soludo Blows Hot At The Platform Nigeria

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Major Highlights of Soludo’s Speech at The Platform Nigeria:

Izuchukwu Adichie
Lagos, Nigeria

Governor Chukwuma Soludo today graced the Platform Nigeria after his last appearance in 2015.

Today in his appearance today he raised a lot of points as to how government should be run in Nigeria.

Let’s look at the points he raised, which are the following;


1. President Tinubu’s Potential Challenge Regarding Minimum Wage
Gov. Soludo has expressed concern about the potential consequences of approving unsustainable minimum wages, citing the risk of job losses and adverse economic ramifications in a country facing economic challenges.

2. Local Government Autonomy and True Federalism
Soludo highlighted the inconsistency of the idea of autonomy for local governments with the principles of true federalism. He emphasized the need for each state to have the power to design its local government system, aligning with the essence of true federalism.

3. Rethinking Elected Officeholders’ Term Limits
Soludo suggested that the growing calls for a single term for elected officeholders are gaining legitimacy. He discussed the potential benefits of such a system in reducing the pressure of seeking re-election and enhancing political will.

4. Rationalizing the National Assembly Structure
In light of Nigeria’s economic challenges, Soludo proposed consolidation of the National Assembly into a Unicameral legislature with a limited number of representatives per state, citing the substantial cost of maintaining the current bicameral system.

5. Devolving Fiscal Powers to Sub-National Entities
Soludo underscored the importance of devolving responsibilities from the Exclusive List to sub-national entities, advocating the allocation of a substantial percentage of revenues to the states and empowering them to make decisions on local systems.

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