PLATFORM: APC Anambra Should Write Soludo A Commendation Letter

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PLATFORM: APC Anambra should write Soludo a commendation letter





The APC Anambra chapter is encouraged to consider expressing gratitude to Soludo for delivering a compelling and insightful address at the PLATFORM event, which focused on sustainable democracy and a stable economy. Despite the absence of a significant APC presence in Anambra state, the few existing members need to acknowledge the positive reception and the stimulating discussions engendered by Soludo’s message across Nigeria.


Although the APC Anambra chapter doesn’t have members with the intellectual capacity to lead national discussions, it is important they actively participate in dialogues about the importance of true federalism, as contained in their 2015 campaign manifesto. This encompasses endorsing a unicameral legislature, devolving exclusive powers to state governments, granting them greater autonomy in overseeing their local governments, managing state mineral resources, and governing specified government agencies.


Moreover, APC Anambra, despite harbouring members who have defaulted on workers’ salaries, should lead the ongoing discourse on establishing a sustainable minimum wage. This initiative will reinforce the federal government’s endeavours in negotiating with organized labour unions. APC Anambra needs to display humility and acknowledge Soludo’s intellectual prowess and commendable efforts by drafting a letter of commendation for assuming the responsibility that should have been shouldered by APC members in Anambra state.

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