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By Obi Okoli


Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s remarks at The Platform, on June 12, 2024, in Lagos, have yet again convinced us of populist policies, that made him not just a politician but a resourceful humanist, welfarist and a committed protagonist of the people’s aspirations and ambitions.


Soludo’s discussion of the relationship between democracy and free market economy reveals his credible understanding and knowledge of how to turn the economy around for the good of the common people.


Soludo’s espousal of the big tent inclusive agenda marks him out as a determined fighter for the good of the common man.


He spoke for the ordinary people when he called for a reordering of national priorities, that would ensure massive investments in critical areas that would benefit the people, such as health, education and social protection as well as infrastructure. This will give everyone a stake in the national cake. We salute the Governor’s courageous support for the people.


We commend the Governor for acknowledging the importance of government building a big tent and a truly inclusive society for everyone, so that if society fails to improve the conditions of the poor, society must ensure that their children do not end up like them. We consider this an audacious call for the destruction of the dynasties of poverty and inequality. We support the governor and commend his courage.


The Governor won the hearts of Nigerians and especially the hearts of ndi Anambra, when he told the audience at the lecture, that he supports Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s call for all elected officials in Nigeria to earn the same minimum wage that has been proposed to workers in the country. Governor Soludo spoke for the people and it is endearing that he is standing with the people.


He also revealed his deep desire to change the narratives of governance, when he stated that since coming into office, he does not receive salaries but donates the salary back to the coffers of government for the common good of ndi Anambra. This is leadership by example and what more can we say about the Governor, who uses an Innoson made in Nigeria vehicle as official car and has refused to waste our scarce resources on an unnecessary Governor’s wife’s office.


Governor Soludo in his Abia State made Akwette clothes and with a determination to use state resources to drive an economy that would empathize with the poor is our hope in Anambra for a better tomorrow.

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