On the recently enacted Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission Law and the newly inaugurated Transition Committee Chairmen

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On the recently enacted Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission Law and the newly inaugurated Transition Committee Chairmen






In Anambra state, the recently inaugurated Transition Committee Chairmen have been tasked with the responsibilities of upholding service delivery, maintaining financial discipline, and demonstrating commitment to their duties. There has been a significant amount of debate regarding why Soludo had not conducted local government elections, with varying opinions from both supporters and opponents of this decision.


It is important to recognize that before this administration, the state had not held a proper local government election, and the local government administration was non-operational. Upon Soludo’s assuming office, the administration was faced with a neglected local government system, characterized by abandoned headquarters, some overgrown with bushes, others burnt and vandalized, and a backlog of unpaid pensions for retirees. Additionally, local government workers encountered challenges accessing their workplaces due to the lack of road infrastructure.


Soludo’s administration swiftly embarked on a comprehensive reform of the local government system, initiating extensive reconstruction, renovation, and equipping of local government headquarters across the state. Furthermore, an active local government service commission was constituted, organizing the inaugural local government workers’ week, including the continued intensive training and retraining programs focused on integrating technology into local governance in line with the administration’s vision.


In addition to prioritizing welfare, efforts were directed toward addressing the longstanding issue of unpaid pensions for retirees, significantly reducing the backlog. The administration also demonstrated a commitment to the welfare of local government workers and their families by declaring free, high-quality education for every child born in Anambra. Furthermore, free antenatal care and child delivery services were extended to pregnant mothers in the state, underscoring the commitment to effective local government administration.


Anticipation has been building for the implementation of the ANSIEC Law promised by Soludo during his inauguration. On June 11, 2024, the law was formally signed, signaling the impending local government elections. Soludo is resolute in its commitment to moving forward with the conduct of local government elections, including the constitution of ANSIEC members, staff recruitment and training, office refurbishments, and the announcement of the election date, which will be carried out by the COMMISSION. This development stands as a promise to Ndi Anambra. Congratulations are for the newly inaugurated Transition Committee Chairmen.

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