Nonye Soludo sets the standard high for other governors’ wives

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*Nonye Soludo sets the standard high for other governors’ wives*


Mrs. Nonye Soludo has set the bar high for other governors’ wives. She firmly believes that the role of a governor’s wife goes beyond wearing jewels and tiaras; it’s about actively working to improve the lives of the people. Her dedication to creating a better homeland for our children is truly inspiring.

We must recognize the depth of her commitment as she continues to represent her husband, children, and our state with grace and determination. She is a driving force behind Soludo’s administration goal to achieve zero poverty and promote a healthy living environment in Anambra.

Her focus on orientation and protection programs for pregnant and nursing mothers, children, young people, women, men, and market women is commendable and reflects her sincere desire to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Mrs. Soludo plays a crucial role as the eyes, ears, and voice of Governor Soludo, addressing issues that require immediate attention, especially concerning elderly homes, disabled persons, women, and children. Her passion and compassion make her uniquely capable.

Mrs. Nonye Soludo is making a significant contribution to the betterment of Ndi Anambra and our state, and her efforts are truly praiseworthy.

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