Embracing Befitting Living: The Soludo Example

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Embracing Befitting Living: The Soludo Example



Even before assuming the role of governor, Soludo had been a passionate advocate for prioritizing the expression of love and appreciation to our loved ones while they are still alive. He believed in the importance of showing love and honour to our loved ones during their lifetime, rather than waiting to extravagantly celebrate and honour them only after they have passed away. The Anambra Burial Law 2019 has called for a shift in our cultural priorities, suggesting that we should focus on caring for the living instead of excessively focusing on elaborate and costly gestures for the deceased.

At the recent reception honouring Supreme Court Justice Chioma Nwosu-Iheme at Landmark Event Center, one of the highlights was a thought-provoking message from Soludo. He emphasized the importance of celebrating people while they are alive and ensuring that the departed are given a decent burial. His message sparked a deep conversation about the rise of the professional mourners’ industry.

Professional mourners are individuals who are hired to display excessive grief at funerals. They are provided with information about the deceased’s life and are expected to mourn fervently during the funeral proceedings. This practice has generated concerns about insincerity and exploitation, as it seems to take advantage of the vulnerability and grief of the bereaved for personal gain.


Furthermore, the existence of the professional mourners’ industry reflects a troubling trend of using funerals as a platform to showcase social status, which is disheartening to many in the community. It raises questions about the sincerity and authenticity of mourning and the potential exploitation of genuine grief for the sake of appearances.

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