ANAMBRA 2025: Desperate Politicians Are Destroying People’s Properties In An Attempt To Score A Cheap Political Point.

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ANAMBRA 2025: Desperate politicians are destroying people’s properties in an attempt to score a cheap political point.



By Izuchukwu Adichie


It is important to emphasize the alarming level of desperation currently exhibited by politicians in Anambra who are employing destructive tactics to gain political relevance. From exploiting violent events and politicizing loss of life, as seen with Senator Ubah’s media team celebrating a loss of life in Nnewi instead of sympathizing with bereaved families, to celebrating the loss of people’s properties and valuables in Nnobi market, these desperate politicians are resorting to appalling lows in their quest for power.


It is crucial to bring this to the attention of Ndi Anambra and for our people to remain vigilant against these deceitful tactics in the political space of our state. We are united in our condemnation of such reprehensible behavior and will stand firm against it. This is not the Anambra way of engaging in politics.


The merchants of hate may be instigating violence and wreaking havoc on the people and public properties in Anambra. Despite their efforts to stoke chaos, Governor Soludo is committed to fulfilling his mandate and ensuring the security of the state. He will not be drawn into conflicts with self-serving politicians who lack genuine intentions for ndi Anambra, as their focus is solely on personal gain from politics.

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